The Podcast Network is a place to find great podcasts made right here in the Bay Area.

If you're a lover of podcasts, we can't wait to introduce you to independent and emerging podcast creators whose content uplifts Bay Area music, community, arts, and culture.

“Imagine everything you love about, but for podcasters. That's the Podcast Network” - Amanda Guest, founder of

If you're a creator of podcasts, or have secretly always wanted to be one, The Podcast Network might just be your new home. We provide free hosting, support, mentorship, and community for Bay Area podcasters from all walks of life, and especially seek to amplify the voices of those in traditionally marginalized communities.

Podcasts can open your mind to new ideas, create a better understanding, and even change the world. Whether you listen on the go or while relaxing at home we want to give our community of creators a chance to connect with you and help you discover something new.

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