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Best Frequencies Forever (AKA has become one of San Francisco’s strongest and most successful community radio outlets, playing everything from Indie Rock, current electronic, to Spooky Horoscopes and all things San Francisco.

Our SF: Radio in San Francisco

"But San Francisco radio isn’t dead — it’s arguably closer to its roots than radio stations have brought the pirate radio vibe back..." at Iceland Airwaves: Day 1

Highlights from Day 1 of Iceland Airwaves music festival. Amanda & Mai saw nearly a dozen bands in one day! (but don't worry, they narrowed it down for you.) Your Ultimate Long-Weekend Summer Playlist

Compiled by Shewolfe and Beatrix Graveguard of Astral Projection Radio Hour, "this 14-song set is full of dance-worthy tunes, shout-it-out anthems and a handful of the “sonic spells” they’re famous for..."

CMJ Chart Discovery: Crepes (BFF.FM)

"BFF.FM gave us a taste of Melbourne-based Crepes by spinning their carefree guitar-pop single Stages Of Fear this week. Crepes debut EP Cold Summers is due out next week, and we are looking forward to hearing more jangly, laidback tunes..."

SFist: 9 Noise Pop Shows Not to Miss

Pssst...we're presenting one of them! "If you prefer your music with deafening electric guitars 60-70 seconds at a time, Tony Molina is the right act for you."

Shhhh: is today's Daily Secret!

"...we were stoked to discover a portal called that put us on the same frequency as San Francisco's most creative minds simply by turning on and tuning in."