Cosmic Amanda

General Manager


I'm the founder and station manager of the best online community radio station around! I've been involved in college and community radio since 1994, when I joined WMWM 91.7fm as a freshman at Salem State University. My experience there opened my mind to the vast universe of undiscovered music just begging to be heard. I started in 2013 simply because I love indie music and community radio and wanted to create a place where a whole new generation of post-collegiate music nerds can unite and geek out over all the awesome new music that's out there. After all these years and changes in how its delivered- from terrestrial broadcast to online streaming- I still believe in the power of community radio to play a positive role in our local music scene. What else do you need to know about me? I like pizza. And you.


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Let's celebrate what got us through 2020: music 🎵

To quote noted superspreaders and bards of the kingdom of Shrek, Smashmouth, "the years keep coming and they don't stop coming," but before we get too far into 2021 our DJs are looking back on the albums, songs, and labels that made 2020 bearable. Read More →