Give Our DJs a Bandcamp Boost

On Friday, March 20th Bandcamp will forgo their share of revenue from sales so that every artist gets a boost. While you're looking for a few artists to support, please consider these bands, which all feature a current or former DJ. Read More →

MOAR bands in 2020!

This year we want to host more local bands than ever before. So if you're in a Bay Area band, we want to hear from you! Find out how to play live on or for

ALLSORTS Best of 2019 Hit Parade

Michele K-tel kicks off 2020 by counting down her Top 30 Hits of 2019!  From that irresistible crooner Angel Olsen to 83-year-old dub reggae legend Lee "Scratch" Perry, there was loads of magical musical sounds throughout the final year of the recent decade. Here's the… Read More →