If you’re listening to BFF.fm, you already know about all our incredible programming. You know about our lineup of more than 85 unique shows. And you know about our community of over 100 talented, diverse, radio-loving DJs.

But what you maybe don’t know is none of that is possible without volunteers! BFF.fm is always looking for awesome people to help with just about anything. Whether you’re a wanna be radio DJ, blogger, a fundraiser, an event planner, a marketer, or a bean counter, we could use your unique set of skills.

Become a BFF.fm DJ

We’re looking for quality DJs who are excited about discovering new underground music and sharing it with the world. If you're a huge music nerd who's dying to share the good stuff that you can't hear on commercial radio, we want to hear from you. No previous radio experience is necessary!

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Volunteer at BFF.fm

DJing not your thing? Become a BFF.fm volunteer and you’ll work alongside other music lovers assisting our on-air DJs, creating content for our website, supporting fundraising efforts, tabling at live events, and helping with day-to-day operations of the station.

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Start a Podcast on the BFF.fm Podcast Network

If you're a creator of podcasts, or have secretly always wanted to be one, The BFF.fm Podcast Network might just be your new home. We provide free hosting, support, mentorship, and community for Bay Area podcasters from all walks of life, and especially seek to amplify the voices of those in marginalized communities.

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And if you've made it to the end of this page and feel, well, exhausted but you still want to help grow BFF.fm, please consider making a donation! Whatever you are able to give, your donation empowers our innovation, creativity, and ability to build strong community radio for San Francisco.