The Highpoint Lowlife Radio Show, Episode 63


  1. Mask by Visible Cloaks on Reassemblage (RVNG International)
  2. Rocket Repairs by Tradition on Captain Ganja and the Space Patrol
  3. Groupmegroup by Liquid Liquid on Liquid Liquid
  4. b3 vol1 by Palmbonnen II on Memories Of Cindy (Beats In Space)
  5. A Touch Of Jazz by DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince on A Touch Of Jazz (JIVE)
  6. Moments In Soul by JT and The Big Family on Moments in Soul (ZYX Records)
  7. Rich In Paradise by F.P.I. Project on Rich In Paradise (ZYX Records)
  8. Listen To the Radio by The Tape-Beatles on A Subtle Buoyancy of Pulse (Staalplaat)
  9. Cloud Cover by O Yuki Conjugate on Miracle Steps (Music from the Fourth World 1983-2017) (optimo music)
  10. La Cosecha by Nicola Cruz on Prender el Alma (zzk)
  11. Get Outta My Dreams (Nicola Cruz Remix) by Xanga on Get Outta My Dreams (multi culti)
  12. Love Game by WaqWaq Kingdom on Shinsekai (jahtari)
  13. Jardines (feat. Lido Pimienta) by Chancha Via Circuito on Amansara (wonderwheel)
  14. Tu Luz (feat. Lido Pimienta) by Thornato on Bennu (wonderwheel)
  15. Jamaica by Ela Minus on Jamaica (Ela Minus)
  16. Koro Koro by No Smoke
  17. A Touch Of Jazz by Rhythm II Rhythm
  18. i See You Dancing by Mood II Swing
  19. Chillazon 2 by Kassem Moss (Honest Jons)
  20. Ascension by Studio OST on Eventide / Ascension (Visit
  21. How To Cover Up A Clear Blue Sky by Pascal Viscardi (Love Notes)
  22. Where I Went by Teengirl Fantasy on 8AM (planet mu)
  23. Mima by Dorisburg on Sinai Hypnosis (aniara recordings)
  24. i need you (in my life) by Kemt
  25. Kalender Days (feat. Alex Ookpik) by Grimes Adhesif on Clovelly (greta cottage workshop)
  26. Comes Home by Pale Blue on Comes Home / Have You Passed Through This Night (me me me)