The Highpoint Lowlife Radio Show, Episode 63


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  1. Mask by Visible Cloaks on Reassemblage (RVNG International) $ Buy
  2. Rocket Repairs by Tradition on Captain Ganja and the Space Patrol (-) $ Buy
  3. Groupmegroup by Liquid Liquid on Liquid Liquid (-) $ Buy
  4. b3 vol1 by Palmbonnen II on Memories Of Cindy (Beats In Space) $ Buy
  5. A Touch Of Jazz by DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince on A Touch Of Jazz (JIVE) $ Buy
  6. Moments In Soul by JT and The Big Family on Moments in Soul (ZYX Records) $ Buy
  7. Rich In Paradise by F.P.I. Project on Rich In Paradise (ZYX Records) $ Buy
  8. Listen To the Radio by The Tape-Beatles on A Subtle Buoyancy of Pulse (Staalplaat) $ Buy
  9. Cloud Cover by O Yuki Conjugate on Miracle Steps (Music from the Fourth World 1983-2017) (optimo music) $ Buy
  10. La Cosecha by Nicola Cruz on Prender el Alma (zzk) $ Buy
  11. Get Outta My Dreams (Nicola Cruz Remix) by Xanga on Get Outta My Dreams (multi culti) $ Buy
  12. Love Game by WaqWaq Kingdom on Shinsekai (jahtari) $ Buy
  13. Jardines (feat. Lido Pimienta) by Chancha Via Circuito on Amansara (wonderwheel) $ Buy
  14. Tu Luz (feat. Lido Pimienta) by Thornato on Bennu (wonderwheel) $ Buy
  15. Jamaica by Ela Minus on Jamaica (Ela Minus) $ Buy
  16. Koro Koro by No Smoke (-) $ Buy
  17. A Touch Of Jazz by Rhythm II Rhythm (-) $ Buy
  18. i See You Dancing by Mood II Swing (-) $ Buy
  19. Chillazon 2 by Kassem Moss (Honest Jons) $ Buy
  20. Ascension by Studio OST on Eventide / Ascension (Visit $ Buy
  21. How To Cover Up A Clear Blue Sky by Pascal Viscardi (Love Notes) $ Buy
  22. Where I Went by Teengirl Fantasy on 8AM (planet mu) $ Buy
  23. Mima by Dorisburg on Sinai Hypnosis (aniara recordings) $ Buy
  24. i need you (in my life) by Kemt (-) $ Buy
  25. Kalender Days (feat. Alex Ookpik) by Grimes Adhesif on Clovelly (greta cottage workshop) $ Buy
  26. Comes Home by Pale Blue on Comes Home / Have You Passed Through This Night (me me me) $ Buy