The Hanging Garden Radio Show w/guest DJ Sage 4/25/2017!


  1. Your Kiss by Clan Of Xymox on Days Of Black
  2. Follow The Body by Zanias on To The Core EP
  3. Boxes by Smoke Rings on Boxes
  4. \\BURN\\ by undertheskin on \\BURN\\
  5. Paralyzed by The Vanashing on Still Lifes Are Failing
  6. Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven by Love and Rockets on Earth Sun and Moon
  7. Black Diamond by Chrome on Techromancy
  8. Sea Of Red by Esses on No Light In This Fire
  9. Breakdown by Carol
  10. Demolition Man by Grace Jones on Nightclubbing
  11. Flood Spell by Skeleton Hands on Flood Spell
  12. Care For The Proof by Fragrance. on Dust & Disorder EP
  13. Killing For Company by Tempers on Services
  14. Call Me by Sixth June on Virgo Rising
  15. Repo Man by Iggy Pop on Repo Man Soundtrack
  16. Infinite Roads by The Hawaiian Pups on Split Second Precision
  17. I Think We're Alone Now (Japanese Version) by Lene Lovich on Flex...Plus
  18. Look Back In Anger by David Bowie on Lodger
  19. Manifestoi! by Oi! The Robot on Son Of Oi! (Syndicate Records Comp)
  20. The Fog That Never Ends by Hante on The Fog That Never Ends