Tuff Signals - Episode 56


  1. Home'sick by Dune Rats on Dune Rats (Ratbag Records)
  2. Love by Palms on Love (Unsigned/Self Produced)
  3. Tuned Out by City Circles on demos (Unsigned/Self Produced)
  4. Dining Room II by Mining Boom on Telecom (Self Released)
  5. Child Model by Tempura Nights on Whine EP (Unsigned/Self Produced)
  6. Cruzo los dedos by Doble Pletina on Cruzo los dedos / Artista revelación (Discos De Kirlian)
  7. Visiones by Aries on Mermelada Dorada (La Castanya)
  8. Et moi, et moi, et moi by Novedades Carminha on JUVENTUD INFINITA (Ernie Records)
  9. Casacuberta by Furguson on Furguson/Aliment (La Castanya)
  10. La Reina de Inglaterra by Perro on Tiene Bacalao, Tiene Melodía (Miel De Moscas)
  11. Mi fábrica de baile (Oficial) by JOE CREPÚSCULO on Baile de magos (Mushroom Pillow)
  12. Cellophane by King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard on Im In Your Mind Fuzz (Castle Face Records)
  13. We Get By by Gooch Palms on NOVO'S (Urinal Cake Records)
  14. I HATE SUMMER by Woodbot on Krang Gang (Nailgun Murder)
  15. Freedom Of Information by Ausmuteants on Order of Operations (Goner Records)
  16. Systematic Fuck by Total Control on Typical System (Inertia Records)
  17. Don't Tell Me by Straight Arrows on R I S I N G (HoZac Records)
  18. Quiero Ser Johnny Kidd by Los Cavernas on Welcome To Fabulous Los Cavernas (Delia Records)
  19. Love and Fun by Me and the Bees on Mundo Fatal (La Castanya)
  20. Estrellas Místicas by Triángulo de Amor Bizarro on Victoria Mistica (Mushroom Pillow)
  21. Zozobra by Nueva Vulcano (La Castanya)
  22. Toro by EL COLUMPIO ASESINO on Ano Santo (Mushroom Pillow)
  23. Tram de s'Illa by HUGKAKKE on Bonus track (Esmecma) (Self-Released)
  24. Babes by Hockey Dad on Dreamin' (Unsigned/Self Produced)
  25. Tomorrow Mountain by Bad//Dreems on Badlands EP (Mirador Records)
  26. Next to You by Bloods on We Are Bloods (US 7 (Whooping Crane Records)
  27. Coast to Coast by Twerps on Twerps (Merge Records)
  28. We'll Be Turned On by Eddy Current Suppression Ring on Primary Colours (Goner Records)
  29. Nightmare Girl by Aliment on Nightmare Girl b​/​w Cementiri (La Castanya)
  30. Opinión de mierda by Los Punsetes on LPIV (CANADA)
  31. Juventud infinita by Novedades Carminha on JUVENTUD INFINITA (Ernie Records)
  32. Sueña by Mujeres on Aquellos Ojos EP (CANADA)
  33. De la monarquía a la criptocracia by Triángulo de Amor Bizarro on Ao Santo (Mushroom Pillow)
  34. Sunglasses by The Bards on Supersound (Delia Records)
  35. Hannibal by Animic on Hannibal (Les Petites Coses Records)