The Hanging Garden Radio Show w/guest Corey Gunderson 5/23/2017


  1. Celebrate The Misery by Kill Switch...Klick on Beat It To Switch, Paint It To Match
  2. Crescent and The Star by Sunshine Blind on Love The Sky To Death
  3. The Sound Of Angels by Element on Goth's Undead (Cleopatra Comp)
  4. Wallflower by Switchblade Symphony on Serpentine Gallery
  5. Butterfly by Tapping The Vein on Diva X Machina 2
  6. This City Never Sleeps by The Razor Skyline on Dark Water Oasis
  7. Cernunnos by Disjecta Membra on The Infancy Gospels
  8. Train by The Sisters Of Mercy on First and Last and Always
  9. Xiola by Psi Com on Demos
  10. Vamos A Jugar by Paralisis Permanente
  11. Sparks by Faith and The Muse on Elyria
  12. Tattered Angel by Nocturne on Of Beauty and Decay
  13. Glare by Diva Destruction on Passion's Price
  14. Exile by Soil and Eclipse on Meridian
  15. The Rain Within Her Hands by Bella Morte on Where Shadows Lie
  16. One Night In Bangkok (Cold War Mix) by The Razor Skyline on Newer Wave 2 Comp
  17. Coward's Way by Lowlife on Permanent Sleep