The Hanging Garden Radio Show w/Davey Bones and Owen 6/6/2017!


  1. The Cries by Cosmetics
  2. Phenom by Iris on Radiant
  3. Blue Lights by Fictional on Ficticious
  4. Control I'm Here by Nitzer Ebb
  5. Happy House by Siouxsie And The Banshees on Kaleidoscope
  6. Could Be Fun by Introflirt on Temporary Heaven
  7. Beating Hearts by The Rain Within on The Rain Within EP
  8. Have In Mind by Cetu Javu
  9. The Pose by Chris Spedding
  10. Loneliness by Intelligence Dept. on Sleeping City
  11. In Out and Through by Vore Aurora
  12. Citizen Una by Kirlian Camera on Coroner's Sun
  13. Paris and Rome by Cranes on Loved
  14. Like Cockatoos by The Cure on Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me
  15. The Noise by Austra on Feel It Break
  16. You Came by The Merry Thoughts on Millenium Done I: Empire Songs
  17. Peep Show by Miranda Sex Garden on Fairytales Of Slavery
  18. Second Still by Modern Eon on Fiction Tales
  19. Are Kisses Out Of Fashion? by Sudeten Creche on Europe In The Year Zero EP