Hearts in the Basement #21


  1. Basement by Real Estate on In Reality (Mexican Summer)
  2. Candy May by Alex Cameron on Forced Witness (Secretly Canadian)
  3. The Fox by Salty Miller on Album #1 (Numero Group)
  4. Another Weekend by Ariel Pink on Dedicated to Bobby Jameson (Mexican Summer)
  5. Guilty by (Sandy) Alex G on Rocket (Domino)
  6. In and Out by Moon King on Hamtramck '16 (Arbutus Records)
  7. Come Thru by Triathalon on Cold Shower (Broken Circles)
  8. Lean by Hamjam on a/s/l? (Bedroom Suck)
  9. Persepilos by Habibi on Habibi (Burger Records)
  10. Scrood by Jonti on Scrood (Stones Throw)
  11. If I Could Find You (Eternity) by The Holydrug Couple on Moonlust (Sacred Bones Records)
  12. Do It All Over Again by Spiritualized on Let It Come Down (Arista Records)
  13. Speak Your Mind by Marc Benno on Minnows (A&m)
  14. All the Money by Bobby Charles on Bobby Charles (Bearsville Records)
  15. Winter in the South by A. Savage on Thawing Dawn (Dull Tools)
  16. Solitaire by Brett Smiley on Breathlessly Brett (RPM)
  17. Crooked Piece of Time by John Prine on Bruised Orange (Asylum Records)
  18. Dog by Widowspeak on Expect the Best (Captured Tracks)
  19. Enemies of Friends by Hiccup on Imaginary Enemies (Father/Daughter Records)
  20. New Jerusalem by Cam Maclean on New Jerusalem (Cam Maclean)
  21. Like a Summer Thursday by Townes Van Zandt on Our Mother the Mountain (Fat Possum Records)
  22. Memories by The Proper Ornaments on Foxhole (Slumberland Records)
  23. Spanish House by Felt on The Strange Idols Pattern And Other Short Stories (Cherry Red)
  24. First Love Never Die by Soko on I Thought I Was An Alien (Community Music)
  25. The Eagle, or the Serpent by Case Studies on The World Is Just a Shape to Fill the Night (Sacred Bones)
  26. Goodtimes by Mike Cooper on Trout Steel (Paradise of Bachelors)
  27. Cracked Windshield by Hiss Golden Messenger on Heart Like a Levee (Merge)
  28. Someone by Anna of the North (Honeymoon)
  29. Nihilism for Beginners by Adult Books on Running from the Blows (Lolipop Records)
  30. Junie by Solange on A Seat at the Table (Columbia)