BRVS #20 w/ members of Violence Creeps


  1. Jackie by Scott Walker on Scott 2 (Fontana)
  2. Cosmic Slop by Funkadelic on Cosmic Slop (Westbound)
  3. More Than a Friend by Liquids on 45 (Drunken Sailor)
  4. Plaza Scare by Preening on 45 (Digital Regress)
  5. Reassurance by Acrylics on 45 (Iron Lung Records)
  6. Bring Dumpster Back by Spray Paint on Rodeo Songs (SS Records)
  7. Dye Hair (Never Feel Real) by Angel on 2017 (Faro)
  8. He's Harmless by Mutual Jerk on 45 (State Laughter)
  9. Mirror of Fear by Francis Harold & The Holograms on 45 (Hozac)
  10. Out of New York by Mark Cone on Now Showing (Neck Chop)
  11. The Cage by Mane on Alpha Female (Digital Regress)
  12. Objects by Marble Dye on EP 2 (Digital Regress)
  13. Under Pressure by Uzi Rash on Whyte Rash Time (Deadbeat)
  14. My Accident by Perverts Again on 45 (Total Punk)
  15. Answer by Dream Decay on YU (Iron Lung)
  16. Rio by Terry on Remember Terry (Upset The Rhythm)
  17. My Skin by Rut on Attraction (Digital Regress)
  18. Slappin In the Trunk by The Pack Ft. Mistah Fab on mixtape (Thizz Nation Vol. 8 (???))
  19. Kites Are Fun by The Free Design on Kites are Fun (Light In The Attic)
  20. Shadow on the Wall by Life Stinks on Life Stinks (Self-Released)
  21. Homeless by Cuntz on Aloha (Homeless)
  22. The Birds Are Dying by Paul Leary on The History of Dogs (Rough Trade)
  23. Feature by Black Panties on 45 (Windian)
  24. No Mongo by Wizzard Sleeve on Make the World Go Away (Hozac)
  25. Anti by SOB XRE on na (na)
  26. na by Ivy on na (na)
  27. Ron Is Wrong by The Wad on 45 (Lumpy Records)
  28. Sex Dwarf (Superior Wormhole Variant) by Violence Creeps on Ease The Seed Bag (Drunken Sailor)