Open Buffet #14


  1. Burden by Hoops on Routines (Fat Possum)
  2. Motors Runnin by Kevin Morby on Still Life (Woodsist)
  3. The Harder They Come by Jerry Garcia and Merl Saunders on Live at Keystone (Fantasy)
  4. Adidas Moon by Lace Curtains on The Garden of Joy
  5. Sweet Talkin Woman by Electric Light Orchestra on Greatest Hits
  6. Impossible Hand by Stephen Steinbrink on Anagrams
  7. Zeppo Epp by Sic Alps on Napa Asylum (Drag City)
  8. Pushing Onlys by Woods on Sun and Shade (Woodsist)
  9. Unionize by Cool Ghouls on Gord's Horse (self released)
  10. Super Bird by Country Joe & The Fish on Electric Music for the Mind and Body (Vanguard)
  11. Crying Wand by Milk Music on Mystic 100s
  12. End Times by Roya (Burger)
  13. Bennys Here by Natural Child on Okey Dokey (Natural Child Records)
  14. Expect the Bayonet by Sheer Mag on Need to Feel Your Love
  15. Sorrow's Forecast by Dead Moon on Echoes of the Past (Mississippi)
  16. Shoes by POW on Hi-Tech Boom (Castleface)
  17. Blue Hell by Pardoner on Uncontrollable Salvation (Father/Daughter Records)
  18. still life with hot deuce on a silver platter by Titus Andronicus on Local Business
  19. Prove It All Night by Bruce Springsteen on Darkness on the Edge of Town (Columbia)
  20. Don't Call Upon Me by Music Band
  21. Rally by Club Night (Tiny Engines)
  22. Drop Out by Daddy Issues on Split with White Reaper
  23. Swim Dogs by Fungi Girls on PLACE UNKNOWN (Gnar)
  24. Never Change by Bronzer on Bronzer (Astro Lizard Records)
  25. Grey Lanes by Jacco Gardner on Hypnophobia
  26. Time To Go by Dylan Shearer on Garagearray (Castleface)
  27. Dayglow Bimbo by TOPS on Sugar at the Gate
  28. May 1st by Beach Fossils on Somersault
  29. Roof in the Rain by The Memories on Royal United Song Service (Burger)
  30. Hooked by Denney and the Jets on Mexican Coke (Burger)