Hearts in the Basement #23


  1. Basement by Real Estate on Reality (Mexican Summer)
  2. It Will Always Be This Way by Taylor Knox on Love (Cadence Music)
  3. Powerful Love by Field Medic on That Beer Called Becks Reminds Me of a Haiku I Wrote (Sunroom Records)
  4. Early Blue by F.J. McMahon on Spirit of the Golden Juice (Accent)
  5. Strange Desire by Wymond Miles on Under the Pale Moon (Sacred Bones)
  6. The Friendly Ranger at Clontarf Castle by Thin Lizzy on Thin Lizzy (Decca Records)
  7. Old Friend by Bert Keely on Take Me Home (Numero Group)
  8. Hope She'll Be Happier by Bill Withers on Just As I Am (Sussex)
  9. Crazy, Stoned, & Gone by Angelo De Augustine on Swim Inside the Moon (Asthmatic Kitty Records)
  10. The Dark End of the Street by James Carr on You Got My Mind Messed Up (Goldwax Records)
  11. No Road is the Right Road by Christine Perfect on Christine Perfect (Blue Horizon)
  12. Sleeping In My Own Bed by Morly on Sleeping In My Own Bed (Cascine)
  13. Moro No Fim Da Rua by Wilson Simonal on Simona (EMI)
  14. Hard to Be Still by Annie Hart on Impossible Accomplice (Cryptic Whispers)
  15. Say Yes to Everything by St. Christopher on "Say Yes to Everything" / "It's Snowing on the Moon" (Sarah Records)
  16. A Sunday in Madrid by Robert Wyatt on Shleep (thirsty ear)
  17. The Empty Page by Sonic Youth on Murray Street (DGC)
  18. Racing Country by EZTV on High in Place (Captured Tracks)
  19. New Partner by Palace Music on Viva Last Blues (Drag City)
  20. Don't Call Me Baby by Luke Rathborne on Don't Call Me Baby (Ribbon Music)
  21. Everything I Own by Barbara Mason on Give Me Your Love (Passion)
  22. Heart of Life by Marching Church on Telling It Like It Is (Sacred Bones Records)
  23. Expatriate by Allison Crutchfield on Tourist in This Town (Merge)
  24. My Love For You by ESG on Come Away with ESG (99 Records)
  25. Lone Ranger by Matt Duncan on Soft Times (HOP HOP)
  26. No One Like You by Blue Hawaii on Tenderness (Arbutus)
  27. Soul Makossa by Manu Dibgango on Anthology (Eagle)
  28. Catch My Drift by A.R. Kane on i (Rough Trade Records)
  29. Border Line by King Krule on 6 Feet Beneath The Moon (True Panther Sounds)
  30. Clay by Hudson Scott on Clay (Hudson Scott)
  31. Estrelar by Marcos Valle on Marcos Valle (Som Livre)