Episode 13. Cue points stretch out into the distance.

More 90s than 70s this week, as we celebrate the reissue of Underworld's Beaucoup Fish with some 20-something coffee-table techno, and some old UK tracks. And the KLF. Always The KLF.


  1. Cups by Underworld on Beaucoup Fish (Underworldlive)
  2. Paradise X by Paradise X (W.A.U Mr. Modo)
  3. Cubik by 808 State (-)
  4. Pacific State by 808 State (-)
  5. Hippychick by Soho on Single (S & M/ATCO)
  6. Outlands (Fountains Of Elisha mix) by The Orb on Aubrey Mixes: The Ultraworld Excursions (-)
  7. Let Jimi Take Over by STP 23 (-)
  8. A Perfect Mellow Day by DJ Fyre on Back to the Old Skool (Bassquake)
  9. Snappiness by BBG (-)
  10. What Time Is Love (Virtual Reality Mix) by The KLF on What Time Is Love (Trancentral)
  11. Fuck The Millennium by KLF (Trancentral)
  12. I'm So High by Eden Transmission (-)
  13. Fragile by LSG (-)
  14. All of your mind by Blood Runs Dry (Skunk Recording)
  15. Hothead by D.I.Y on Hothead E.P. (-)
  16. My Key- My Love by Microbots on Chip III (OverDrive)
  17. Shelter by Justus Köhncke on Shelter (-)