Melters 121914 - HOLIDAY EDITION


  1. Christmas Forever by Freddie Jackson on The Greatest Hits of Freddie Jackson (Capitol)
  2. Why Am I So Lonely by Chin Chin on Sound of the Westway (Slumberland)
  3. Sospechoso by Pura Manía on Musica Para Gente Fea (CV Recs)
  4. I Can't by Gashrat on Demo (self-released)
  5. Big City Baby by The Coneheads on Canadia Cone (NWI)
  6. Losing My Way by Scrabbled on Welcome to Pig City (Virtual Cool)
  7. What a Silly Day (Australia Day) by Eastlink on Eastlink (In The Red)
  8. My Brand of Cigarette by Pang (Play Pinball!)
  9. Bullet Proof Nothing by Simply Saucer on Cyborgs Revisited (Get Back)
  10. Lucky Charms by Scott & Charlene's Wedding on Split Single with Fawn Spots (Critical Heights)
  11. Stigmata Martyr by Bauhaus on In The Flat Field (4AD)
  12. Back to the Coast by Nikki Sudden on Waiting on Egypt (Abstract Records)
  13. Don't Ask My Name by The Hangman's Beautiful Daughters on The Hangman's Beautiful Daughters (Voxx)
  14. Alyosha by Sopors on Golden Era #267 (Mongo Bongo Top Ten Hits)
  15. My Two Sons by Mad Nanna (Soft Abuse)
  16. Deep Creep by Mystic Inane (Negative Jazz)
  17. Where's The Fire by Bent on Non Soon (Virtual Cool)
  18. I Hate Memories by Scraps on AAARGH! (Aaltrack Records)
  19. Stop Smiling by Mysterious Skin on Demo (Self-released)
  20. Boot Rot by Bricklayer on Demo (Self-released)
  21. Noi ...! by Negazione on Condannati A Morte Nel Vostro Quieto Vivere (Self-released)
  22. Rutinaria by Alerta Roja on Derrumbando La Casa Rosada (Demo) (Self-released)
  23. Hope She's Alright by Hope She's Alright on Instigators (Ripper Records)
  24. Rock and Roll by feedtime on The Aberrant Years (Sub-Pop)
  25. House Taken Over by Vixens (La Vida Es Un Mus)
  26. Violent Trash/Coward by Yadokai (Video Disease)
  27. Process of Elimination by The Endtables on The Endtables (Drag City)
  28. Opposite of Clean by Predator on Predator CS (Scavenger of Death)
  29. Empty Spaces by End Time on End Time demo (self-released)
  30. Minister Smith by Thrill Collins on Difficult Listening (Self-released)
  31. Motivos Maiores by Gattopardo on Temas 2011-2012 (Self-released)
  32. Inverted by Cadaver Em Transe on Cadaver Em Transe LP (Nada Nada Discos)
  33. Proven Facts by Hey Hallways on Absence Makes the Heart Forget (Self-Released)
  34. Fast Money Blues by Un on Un LP (Siltbreeze)