Extra Toppings 12.19.2014


  1. Ce Type by Crooked Bangs on Secret Prostitutes // Crooked Bangs (Erste Theke Tonträger)
  2. Landscape by Foster Body on Landscapes
  3. Dry by Whirr on Sway (Graveface Records)
  4. Lipton Witch by Sunny Day Real Estate on Lipton Witch / Bad Heart
  5. Falling in Love Again by Joyce Manor on Never Hungover Again (Epitaph Records)
  6. Avoider by GRMLN on Soon Away (Carpark Records)
  7. House Address by You Blew It! on Keep Doing What You're Doing (Topshelf Records)
  8. Giving Into Seeing by Cloud Nothings on Here And Nowhere Else (Carpark Records)
  9. The Chord by Hard Girls on A Thousand Surfaces (Asian Man Records)
  10. These Plains by Vertical Scratchers on Daughter of Everything (Merge Records)
  11. Old Lake by Blind Shake on Breakfast Of Failures (Goner Records)
  12. Riding Bikes by Shellac on Dude Incredible (Touch and Go)
  13. I Want Out by So Cow on The Long Con (Goner Records)
  14. The 7's [Live at the Blind Pig, Champaign, IL, 1997] by American Football on American Football (Deluxe Edition) (Polyvinyl Record Company)
  15. I'm Surprised... by Owls on Two (Polyvinyl Record Company)
  16. Bang by Braid on No Coast (Topshelf Records)
  17. Hey Playboy by The Murder City Devils on The White Ghost Has Blood on Its Hands Again
  18. Christmas on Easter Island by Cut Teeth on Night Years (Topshelf Records)
  19. Remember to Breathe by The City on Film on La Vella (Topshelf Records)
  20. Loom by Frameworks on Loom (Topshelf Records)
  21. Cool by Tigers Jaw on Charmer (Run For Cover Records)
  22. Hold Open My Head by Nai Harvest on Hold Open My Head (Topshelf Records)
  23. Stupid in the Dark by Xiu Xiu on Angel Guts: Red Classroom (Polyvinyl Record Company)
  24. Goodbye Weekend by Mac DeMarco on Salad Days (Captured Tracks)
  25. Two Ships by Field Mouse on Hold Still Life (Topshelf Records)
  26. Dialectic Of… by Prawn on Kingfisher (Topshelf Records)
  27. Teenage Dræm by Never Young on Master Copy (Father/Daughter Records)
  28. Meanwhile On Main Street by United Nations on The Next Four Years (Temporary Residence Ltd)
  29. Starve by Code Orange on I Am King (Deathwish Inc.)
  30. Get Well by Nothing on Guilty Of Everything (Relapse Records)
  31. Only You by Dads on I'll Be The Tornado (6131 Records)
  32. Break
  33. Temple Grandin by Andrew Jackson Jihad on Christmas Island (SideOneDummy Records)