The Revolution Summer 021


  1. Letters and Packages by American Football on EP (Polyvinyl)
  2. Joey by Tancred on Out Of The Garden (Polyvinyl)
  3. Spoken Silence by Watership Down on Watership Down (Immigrant Sun Records)
  4. Could Never Be Heaven by Brand New on Science Fiction (Procrastinate Music Traitors)
  5. Kill The Messenger by WaxWing on One For The Ride (Substandard)
  6. I Took A Beating (Acoustic) by I Am The Avalanche on The Early November/I Am The Avalanche (Drive Thru)
  7. My Favourite Chords by The Weakerthans on Left & Leaving (Substandard)
  8. Building by Embrace on Embrace (Dischord)
  9. Circles Gather by The End Of The Century Party on Discography (COAXT)
  10. Everyone But You by Field Mouse on Hold Still Life (Top Shelf)
  11. The Storm on Her Birthday by Make Believe on Shock of Being (Flameshovel)
  12. Halloween 3.5 by Rozwell Kid on Too Shabby (Broken World Media)
  13. The Patron Saint Of Liars And Fakes by Fall Out Boy on Take This To Your Grave (Fueld By Ramen)
  14. Ordinary Life by Samiam on The Emo Diaries, Chapter One: What's Mine Is Yours (Deep Elm)
  15. Building by Sense Field on Building (Revelation)
  16. A Jack With One Eye by Texas Is The Reason on Do You Know Who You Are? (The Complete Collection) (Revelation)
  17. First Fall Is Fall by Three Shades Of Dirty on Paper Roses (Vermin Scum)
  18. Landmine Spring by Quicksand on Manic Compression (Island)
  19. The Great Union Divide by Falling Forward on Falling Forward (Doghouse)
  20. Taken In by Engine Down on Demure (Lovitt Records)
  21. Little One by Pave the Rocket on Taken In (Deep Elm)
  22. Course à la vie by Rachel on Demo (Self Released)
  23. In Effigy by Threadbare on Escapist (Doghouse)
  24. Night At The Knight School by Thee More Shallows on Book Of Bad Breaks (Anticon)
  25. Caspian Can Wait by The Velvet Teen on Out Of The Fierce Parade (Slowdance)
  26. I Never Said I Was Brave by mewithoutYou on [a->b]Life (Tooth and Nail)
  27. I Never Said I Was Brave by mewithoutYou on [a->b]Life (Tooth and Nail)
  28. Windchill Factor by Inkwell on demo (Self Released)
  29. Sycamore Hall by Three Letter Engagement on The Healing Of Harms (Self Released)
  30. You Are Free by Jimmy Eat World on Integrity Blues (RCA)
  31. End Of A Life Time by Unbroken on Life. Love. Regret. (New Age)
  32. Spork by Vacant Andys on Spork (DMF)
  33. Hooped Earings by The Front Bottoms on The Front Bottoms (Bar/None)
  34. Radio by Alkaline Trio on Maybe I'll Catch Fire (Asian Man)