No Tomorrow #5


  1. Foibles by Oil Thief on Stratagem (Chondritic Sound)
  2. Leavin' Here by Ramleh on Grudge For Life (Vis A Vis)
  3. The Tears Of My Soul by Genocide Organ on Juche Comp (S/R)
  4. What I Have (Nothing) by Atrax Morgue on Mechanic Asphyxia (Slaughter Productions)
  5. In The Air Today by Russell Haswell on As Sure As Night Follows Day (Diagonal)
  6. Murder Your Masters by Consumer Electronics on Dollhouse Songs (Harbinger Sound)
  7. Palm Tree Corpse by Prurient on Bermuda Drain (Hydra Head)
  8. Treblinka by Maurizio Bianchi on Symphony For A Genocide (Sterile Records)
  9. Bar Death Now by Brighter Death Now on Very Little Fun (Cold Meat Industry)
  10. Changes (James Blake Harmonomix) by Mala on Changes (Deep Medi)
  11. Life In Vain by Daniel Johnston on Fun (Atlantic Records)