The Hanging Garden Radio Show w/Callum McGowan 9/19/2017!


  1. Secret Journey by The Police on Ghost In The Machine
  2. Reach The Beach by The Fixx on Reach The Beach
  3. It's A Small World by The Stranglers on Feline
  4. Stranger Eyes by The Cars on Heartbeat City
  5. Boys From Brazil by Simple Minds on Sons and Fascination/Sister Feelings Call
  6. Ours Again by The Eden House on Songs for the Broken Ones
  7. Bad Trash by Switchblade Symphony on Serpentine Gallery
  8. Barbarossa by Sex Gang Children on Medea
  9. Syria by Specimen on Batastrophe
  10. Cuts You Up by Peter Murphy on Deep
  11. Lost Again by Yello on You Gotta Say Yes to Another Excess
  12. Lucky Charm (Razormaid Mix) by Hard Corps on Razormaid Chapter R-15
  13. Metal Dance by SPK on Machine Age Voodoo
  14. Boxcar by Freemason on Vertigo
  15. World's Apart by Shades Of Grey on Shades Of Grey
  16. Sincerity by Dave Ball on In Strict Tempo
  17. Steer Your Way by Leonard Cohen on You Want It Darker