B-Side Dreams - 99 Trumpets


  1. Carinhoso by Rafael Méndez & Laurindo Almeida on Trumpet & Spanish Guitar
  2. For Good by Anna Hillburg on ANNA HILLBURG (Visit http://annahillburg.bandcamp.com)
  3. Potential Joy by The Galloping Sea on Potential Joy (https://thegallopingsea.bandcamp.com/)
  4. Fairnt Chairnt by The Aislers Set on The Last Match (http://theaislersset.bandcamp.com)
  5. Ghost by Neutral Milk Hotel on In the Aeroplane Over the Sea (Merge Records)
  6. Laurie and Lou (Cleopatra) by Chris Stroffolino on Single Sided Doubles (Popsnob)
  7. Random Rules by Silver Jews on American Water (Drag City 1998)
  8. Punch in the Nose by Sebadoh on The Freed Weed (Sub Pop)
  9. Fugitive & Vagabond by The Mumlers on Don't throw me away (Galaxia 2009)
  10. Miserlou by Dick Dale on King of the Surf Guitar (Rockbeat)
  11. Red Moon by The Walkmen on You & Me (Gigantic Music 2008)
  12. Bratislava by Beirut on Gulag Orkestar (Ba Da Bing! 2006)
  13. The Tide Is High by Blondie on Tide Is High (Capitol)
  14. Love Is The Heart Of Everything by Dog Faced Hermans on Hum Of Life (Konkurrel 1993)
  15. Lamina Christus by Isolation Ward on Point Final (Radical Records 1982)