The Highpoint Lowlife Radio Show Episode #88

ambient and dreamy start to the proceedings this week, with tracks by Damon Eliza Palermo, Sugai Ken, Nicola Ratti, Colleen, and great new album from Lee Gamble, plus some Actress in honor of his awesome show midweek, and other gems!


  1. Shinsen Station by Damon Eliza Palermo on MDM P (MMODEMM)
  2. Wakihi (湧き祕) by SUGAI KEN on UkabazUmorezU (不浮不埋) (RVNG International)
  3. Time Sift by Maymind on Illumina
  4. L2 by Nicola Ratti on The Collection (Room40)
  5. A flame my love, a frequency by Colleen on A flame my love, a frequency (Thrill Jockey)
  6. bye by Sharp Veins on bleeds colors and puddles
  7. Swerva by Lee Gamble on Mnestic Pressure (Hyperdub)
  8. Entry To White Castle by Oneohtrix Point Never on Good Time OST (Warp)
  9. Chi Sagittarii by Datassette on Partials Vol. 1 (Frequency Domain)
  10. 512521 by Datach'i on System (Planet Mu)
  11. You Cannot Resist by VAKULA on Shevchenko 2
  12. Crime of the Century by Youth Spells on Crime of the Century (Infinite Freefall)
  13. Centroid by Errorsmith on Superlative Fatigue (PAN)
  14. Apilli 2 by dJJ on Yn Y Ty (Ninja Tunes)
  15. JNSN CODE GL16 by Autechre on JNSN CODE GL16 / spl47 (Visit
  16. Stardust Splash by Anxiety Support Group on Popularity Contest (Visit
  17. Velocity Max by Richard on Pocket Protection (Visit
  18. SAFE ENDING by CALUM GUNN on ENDERS (Conditional)
  19. Then I Get Up by Aportrait on Valky (Visit
  20. Временные Петли №43 by DX2OV on DT015: DX2OV - Временные Петли (Visit
  21. Slammin' [777_08] by Futers on U Get Me [777_08] (Visit
  22. RUNNER by Actress on AZD (Ninja Tune)
  23. B2. Digital Favoritism by Love Letters on Suburban Attractive Complex
  24. Half life by Smerz on Half life (XL)
  25. String Dub by Jay Glass Dubs vs Guerilla Toss on Jay Glass Dubs vs Guerilla Toss (Visit