oh hi papa


  1. imagination/exotic forest by sun ra and his arkestra on nothing is ( get back)
  2. trio by king crimson on starless and bible black (atlantic)
  3. sweet honey wine by lonnie smith on gotcha (LRC)
  4. dreams by ramsey lewis on funky serenity (columbia)
  5. domo des burros (two sticks) by royal trux on hand of glory (lowdown)
  6. hangman by beat happening on jamboree (K)
  7. er ra by alice coltrane on the ecstatic music of alice coltrane turiyasangitananda (1 world spirituality)
  8. black unity by pharoh sanders on black unity (atlantic)
  9. mothers by albert ayler on vibrations (arista freedom)
  10. aufu oodu by ramsey lewis on salongo (CBS)
  11. sacred flower by bootsy collins on ultra wave (warner bros)