BRVS #31 Severed Head Time w/ Rob Fletcher of Musk


  1. Warning/Kettle Drums (Soundtrack) by Blood Feast on Soundtrack (Rhino)
  2. Surfin Dead by The Cramps on The Return of The Living Dead (Real Gone Music)
  3. Love & Death by Beasts of Bourbon on The Axeman's Jazz (Bigtime)
  4. Psycho by Eddie Noack on Death Dealers (bootleg)
  5. Suburban Nightmare by Dwarves on Love Makes Me A Monster (Midnight Records)
  6. Rat Pfink Theme by Various on The Wild World of Movies Music (Big Beat)
  7. Werewolves in Heels by Thee Cormans on Halloween Record w Sound Effects (In The Red)
  8. We Got a Date by Hasil Adkins on Out to Hunch (Norton)
  9. Graves in the Desert by Haunted George (Nasty Product)
  10. The Blob by The 5 Blobs on The Golden Turkey Album (The Best Songs from the Worst Movies) (Rhino)
  11. Cannibal Holocaust Theme by Roberto Dinati on Cannibal Ferox (One Way Static)
  12. Turn Blue by Easter Monkey on Splendor of Sorrow (Hit & Run Records)
  13. Haunted Hill by Bassholes on Haunted Hill (In The Red)
  14. California Hippie Murders by Red River Dave on Death Dealers (bootleg)
  15. I Like To Die by The Drags (Resin Records)
  16. Buzzsaw by Necessary Evils (In The Red)
  17. I Was At the Texas Chainsaw Massacre by Ambient Noise on Killed by Death #3 (RedRum Records)
  18. Gacy's Place by Mentally Ill (Last Laugh Records)
  19. Red Room by The Blowtops (Unseen Sounds)
  20. Cannible by Fatal Figures on You Are Monster (Blak Skul Records)
  21. Death Valley 69 by Sonic Youth (My So Called Records)
  22. Day of the Dead by The Honeymoon Killers on Let it Breed (Fur Records)
  23. Main Title by Bernard Herrmann on Sisters Soundtrack (Entracte)
  24. Baal by Exuma on Exuma II (Mercury)
  25. See You in The Boneyard by The Flesh Eaters on A Minute To Pray, A Second to Die (Slash/Ruby Records)
  26. Undancing in the Dirt by Black Humor on Love God Love, One Another (Superior Viaduct)
  27. Hamburger Lady by Throbbing Gristle on Throbbing Gristle's Greatest Hits (Rough Trade)
  28. Chaos Midnight by Slicing Grandpa on Chaos Midnight 10" (NA)