HORIZONS #117 NO WORDS:Spotlight on ECM Records


  1. Abraham's Theme by Vangelis on Chariots of Fire Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Spheric B.V.)
  2. Now Here (Nowhere) by Dave Holland Quartet on Conference of the Birds (ECM)
  3. In November by David Darling on Cello (ECM)
  4. More Colours by Eberhard Weber on The Colours of Chloe (ECM)
  5. 4th Movement by Keith Jarrett on Hymns/Spheres (ECM)
  6. The Polska of Despair by Bobo Stenson Trio on Serenity (ECM)
  7. Barcarole by The Pat Metheny Group on Offramp (ECM)
  8. Return to Forever by Chick Corea on Return to Forever (ECM)
  9. Midnight by Steve Swallow on Home (ECM)
  10. Who Are You? by Azimuth on Azimuth '85 (ECM)
  11. Astral Projection by Shankar on Vision (ECM)
  12. Dark Spirit by Ralph Towner on Diary (ECM)
  13. Taos by Oregon on Oregon (ECM)
  14. Summer Madness by Kool & the Gang on Light of Worlds (De-Lite Recorded Sound)