1. Return-Transcend by Deradoorian on Eternal Recurrence
  2. Vaisnava Bhajan by Ronu Majumdar, Ry Cooder, Jon Hassell & Abhijit Banerjee on Hollow Bamboo
  3. Fruit Float by Happy Meals on Fruit Juice
  4. Ravenspoint by Jane Weaver on Modern Kosmology
  5. Infinite Avenue by Carmen Villain on Infinite Avenue
  6. Coral Lords by Avey Tare on Eucalyptus
  7. Serpent Mound Coyote Song by Mark McGuire on Ideas of Beginnings
  8. B4 - Melodía en re by Javier Segura on El sol desde oriente: Selected & unreleased recordings (1980-1990)
  9. Ik'nusi by Mucho Indio on Sounds and Colours
  10. Guitarra by Madredeus on Ainda (From "Lisbon Story") [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]
  11. Smile Hack by Once11 on Once11 Meets Awa
  12. Bandit Nrah Master of Rajasthan by Richard Horowitz on Eros in Arabia
  13. Pasajes de Kerala by Andres Oddone on Aura
  14. Complete (feat. Dina El Wedidi) by El Búho on Balance
  15. Agua de Sangre (Steffen Kirchhoff) ) by Diguital Trip ft. Grand Lamat
  16. Sierra Leona by Kaleema on Nómada
  17. Challenge by Petit Singe on Akash Ganga
  18. Fire Dance by Island of the Gods on Black Merlin
  19. Mystic Jungle by Kaöb on OM RITAM NAMAH
  20. Banjar Hot Springs by Raw M.T. on Trip To The Far East
  21. Midnight On The Shore by Seb W & Phil B on Azure Lagoon
  22. Rain by Bicep on Bicep
  23. Heavy Legs by Image Club