Creep Magnet #44


  1. Mary by Buffy Sainte-Marie on Illuminations (Vanguard)
  2. All of My Love by Nocera on Over The Rainbow (Sleeping Bag Records)
  3. In a Dream by Jossette Galaxy on DMA Freestyle Flava, Vol. 1 (MDI Distribution)
  4. Can You Feel the Beat by Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam on Super Hits (Sony Music)
  5. Rockin' Back Inside My Heart by Julee Cruise on Floating Into The Night (143/Warner Bros.)
  6. N/A by Teresa Teng (Coden Records)
  7. In My Life by Cilla Black on In My Life (Parlophone Records)
  8. I'm Not Sayin' by Nico on Slip Crop (Atom Music)
  9. If You're Lonely by Jenny O. on Peace & Information (Holy Trinity Records)
  10. Femme by Le Couleur on Voyage Love (Lisbon Lux Records)
  11. Same Way I Feel by Midnight Magic on Walking the Midnight Streets (Midnight Sun Sounds)
  12. Beatnik Boy by Talulah Gosh on Backwash (K Records)
  13. The Camera Loves Me by Would-Be-Goods on The Camera Loves Me (El Records)
  14. Rain Go Away by Free Loan Investments on Ever Been to Mexico? (Shelflife Records)
  15. Same by Laura Watling on Early Morning Walk (Shelflife Records)
  16. Caladan by Grimes on Geidi Primes (Arbutus Records)
  17. Ace of Hz by Ladytron on Best of 00-10