The Hanging Garden Radio Show w/ DJ Adrienne Scissorhands 1/16/18


  1. Absolute Beginners by David Bowie on Absolute Beginners s/t
  2. New Gold Dream by Simple Minds on New Gold Dream
  3. Things We Never Did by Sad Lovers And Giants on Epic Garden Music
  4. Perfume Garden by Chameleons UK on John Peel Sessions
  5. Severina by Mission UK on God's Own Medicine
  6. A Victory For Love by Alphaville on Forever Young
  7. En Garde by Project Pitchfork
  8. From My Cold Dead Hands by Combichrist on We Love You
  9. Rise by Xorcist on God
  10. Sister by Legend on Fearless
  11. Unwanted by Skeleton Hands on Wake
  12. Whirl by Soft Kill on Choke
  13. Black by Soft Moon on Deeper
  14. 2020 by Suuns on Mages du Futur
  15. Come Feel by All Your Sisters on Modern Failures
  16. Sleepwalk by Christian Death on Catastrophe Ballet
  17. Do You Believe Her by Raveonettes on Whip It On