Episode 9: "You and I Know from the Radio"

I previewed a bunch of good upcoming shows in SF/East Bay and sprinkled in your favorite local hits along the way.

Today's episode title is from the Fresh & Onlys' "Waterfall".




  1. <3 by Future Twin on Situation EP
  2. Something Helpful by Anna Meredith
  3. My Tears Are Wasted so Am I by The Younger Lovers
  4. Easy Afternoon by The Younger Lovers
  5. Woods Island Club by Ziplock on Ziplock (Processional Cross)
  6. 5am by Chastity Belt on I Used to Spend So Much Time Alone (Hardly Art)
  7. 666 by Sugar Candy Mountain on 666
  8. Calling by Li Xi on LI XI
  9. Leatherjacket by K. Skelton on Leatherjacket (Ghost Dog)
  10. The Dreamers by Wild Moth on Over, Again
  11. 50/50 20/20 by Pllush on Split (Father/Daughter Records)
  12. Ludwig 67 by Planet What on Agnus Yarn (self released)
  13. That Call Rings True by Chris Adams on Pendant (Processional Cross)
  14. Ft. Funston by SOAR on dark / gold (father/daughter records)
  15. Waterfall by The Fresh & Onlys
  16. I'm Here for Now by Kelley Stoltz on Que Aura (Castle Face)
  17. I Call Lately by Latitude on L'atitude
  18. Empty Head by Blank Square on Animal I (Castle Face 2017)
  19. Objects by Marbled Eye on EP II
  20. Love Damage by Feral Ohms
  21. Disappearing Industries by Grass Widow
  22. You Think You're Tough by Hunx & His Punk on Street Punk (Hardly Art)
  23. This Thunder by Chelsea Coleman
  24. In Some Time by Paula Frazer and Tarnation on In Some Time (EP) (MRG Recordings)
  25. The Old Life by Eight Belles on Eight Belles (http://eightbelles.bandcamp.com)
  26. Worms by The Brankas
  27. R.S.H. by Praying
  28. Strange Things Are Afoot by Banzai Cliff
  29. Nightmare by The Star Club
  30. The Main Pretender by Ty Segall (Drag City)
  31. Medusa's Outhouse (Cass McCombs cover) by Madeline Kenney