Tuff Signals 175 - Australia Day


  1. Whinge and Whine by BB & The Blips on demo (Blow Blood Records)
  2. Hot Flush by Drunk Mums on Denim (Self Released)
  3. Midnight by Bikini Cops on Three (Self Released)
  4. The Door by Los Tones on What Happened (Groovie Records)
  5. Gravity Is Stern by The Stroppies on The Stroppies (Tough Love Records)
  6. Psychic Hotline by ScotDrakula on A Giant Spider (Self Released)
  7. Alibi by Lowtide on Southern Mind (Rice Is Nice)
  8. Execution by Orion on Self-Titled (Cool Death Records)
  9. Scatterbrain by Siamese (Swirl Records)
  10. Bites Will Bleed by Loose Tooth on Saturn Returns (Milk! Records)
  11. Leave Love by Dianas on Leave Love (Self Released)
  12. Health by Parsnip (Anti Fade)
  13. Take me to the City by Terry on Remember Terry (Aarght Records)
  14. Echo by Bloodletter on Bloodletter Demo (Lost In Fog)
  15. Old Locomotive by The Murlocs on Old Locomotive (Flightless Records)
  16. Over Everything by Courtney Barnett & Kurt Vile on Lotta Sea Lice (milk! records)
  17. Contrast of Form by The Shifters on A Believer b/w Contrast of Form (Market Square Records)
  18. Pulling All the Facts Together by The Stevens on Good (Chapter Music)
  19. Today Tonight by Totally Mild on Her (Chapter Music)
  20. Christina by Maureen on Heartaches (Self Released)
  21. Paris France by Angie on Free Agent (Rice Is Nice)
  22. I'd Ask You Not to Look Away by Summer Flake on Hello Friends (Rice Is Nice)
  23. Thumper by Spotting on Spotting S/T EP (Aarght Records)
  24. This Everything by WAAX on 2 EP (Self Released)
  25. Horseplay by The Living Eyes on Modern Living (Anti-Fade)
  26. Alright Alone by Food Court on Good Luck (Cooking Vinyl Australia)
  27. Never Gonna Go by Brat Farrar on Brat Farrar III (Self Released)
  28. Strong Woman by Jen Cloher on Jen Cloher (Milk! Records)
  29. Al's Wisdom List by Hachiku on Hachiku ST (Milk Records)
  30. Stupid by Boat Show on Groundbreaking Masterpiece (Self Released)
  31. Do You? by Shiny Coin on Shiny Coin + Spit Split (Self Released)
  32. Positively Hopeless by Swim Team (Hysterical Records)
  33. Void by Beaches on Second of Spring (Chapter Music)
  34. Can't Take It Anymore by Wet Lips on Wet Lips (Hysterical Records)
  35. Cherry Flavour by Lazertits on Not Punk Per Se (Self Released)
  36. Dont Tell Me by Straight Arrows on R I S I N G (HoZac Records)