Creep Magnet #47


  1. Leon's Space Song by Helium on The Magic City (Matador Records)
  2. Palais D'Amour by Bal Pare on Metamorphose (Sub Culture Records)
  3. Cannibal Dolls by Land of Giants on Cannibal Dolls/Seven Men (ebk-ink creative)
  4. Your Ghost by Kristin Hersh on Hips and Makers (Reprise Records)
  5. My Sister by Juliana Hatfield on The White Broken Line: live recordings (Ye Olde Records)
  6. Real Outisde by Drinks on Hippo Lite (Drag City)
  7. Moscú Está Helado by Esplendor Geometrico on La Contra Ola
  8. Snakeblood & Vodka by Cynthia Dall on sound restores young men (Drag City)
  9. Lovertits by Peaches on The Teaches of Peaches (XL Recordings)
  10. State of Independence by Donna Summer on Donna Summer (Driven by the Music, LLC)
  11. Sam's Song by Boxlor on Tori Music
  12. I'll Take You Down by Autoclave on Autoclave (Dischord)
  13. Teardrops On My Pillow by Summer Twins on Summer Twins (Burger Records)