The Hanging Garden Radio Show w/ DJ David Draven 2/20/18


  1. Spit It Out by IAMX on The Alternative
  2. Without End by Dommin on Mend Your Misery
  3. Can You Imagine by Dope Stars Inc. on Gigahearts
  4. My Heart Goes Bang by Dead Or Alive on Massive Ego
  5. Room by Severance
  6. Shadowshow by Iamamiwhoami on Blue
  7. Pyromance by Chemlab on East Side Militia
  8. These Hungry Years by Andi Sexgang & Marc Almond on The Whip
  9. The Blood by The Cure on The Head on the Door
  10. The Trigger by Christ vs Warhol on Dissent
  11. Left Hand Rapture by Gotterdammerung on Echoes of Despair, Pile on the Agony, Skincree, Bleeding Wooer
  12. Cruel Economy by Otzi on Gosts
  13. Love Like Lies by Aesthetic Perfection
  14. I Forget by Faderhead on Atoms & Emptiness
  15. Dance d'Amour by 69 Eyes on Paris Kills
  16. Waving Hands by Neuroticfish on Gelb
  17. Aviary by Ego Likeness on The Order of the Reptile