transfiguration #43


  1. Comin' Down in SE5 by Bernard Baum on After
  2. Fauna Mapping by Jonny Nash & Lindsay Todd on Fauna Mapping
  3. Every Tree and Creature by Giuseppe Leonardi on TBC
  4. MMXIX by Dedekind Cut on Tahoe
  5. Prayer, Pt. 1 by Eomac on Bedouin Trax
  6. V-Broadcast (Closed Circuit) 1986 by Fossil Aerosol Mining Project on August 53rd
  7. Aquarius Blue by M.J. Lallo on Voices from the Night Sky
  8. Life of the Poet by K. Leimer on Imposed Order / Imposed Absence (Remastered + Expanded)
  9. The Dilemma of a Sinner by Jing on Adularescence
  10. Guy at the window by Principles of Geometry on Musique Ambiante française Vol. 1
  11. Sand in Your Craw by Kelpe on Boiling, Steaming and Poaching
  12. Draumur - Skit 1 by mt. fujitive on Ventures
  13. Riverside by Mark Renner on Few Traces
  14. Earth Temple by SONIKKU on Diamond Dust
  15. Link 1 by Ismo Laakso on Ofelia
  16. [Untitled] by Nuno Canavarro on Plux Quba
  17. Sierra Leona (Chancha Via Circuito Remix) by Kaleema on Nomada (Remixes)
  18. Nierika by Nicola Cruz on Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes - Argentina Catálogo Bellos Jueves 2014 lado B
  19. In the Jungle by Marco Lazovic on Slam City Jams Vol. 1
  20. Water Walk by Ex-Terrestrial on Urth Born
  21. First TIme by Bakground on First Time
  22. Golden Memory by Tom VR on Films
  23. Dust by Trudge on Negative Spaces
  24. Tongue Control by Body-San on Silk To Dry the Tears
  25. Messenger Of God by Sangam & Thugwidow on The Holy City Is Empty
  26. Almost Becoming Lucid by Hugo Massien on Almost Becoming Lucid
  27. 21:14 It's Buried Out There by Jung An Tagen on Agent Im Objekt
  28. Worldwide Sunshine (In Yr Heart Not the Sky Dub) by Coyote Clean Up on Silk To Dry the
  29. - by Louf
  30. Portal (feat. Riz Fresco, Neana & TD_Nasty) by Gang Fatale on Portal (feat. Riz Fresco, Neana