Episode One


  1. Quiet Village by Martin Denny on Exotic Moog (Liberty Records)
  2. Beyond the Reef by The Beachcomber Trio on Live from Kahiki (Bacchus)
  3. Karabali by Carlos Molina on Voodoo Party Vol. 2 (University of Vice)
  4. India by Sun Ra and his Arkestra on Super-Sonic Sounds (Saturn)
  5. Eden's Island by Eden Ahbez on Eden's Island (Del-Fi)
  6. Yma Sumac by Taita Inty (Virgin of the Sun God) on The Voice of the Xtabay (EMI)
  7. Les Baxter's Orchestra by The Left Arm of Buddha on The Left Arm of Buddha (Capitol)
  8. Jerry Byrd by Torn Sarong on Torn Sarong (Monument)
  9. Kou Kino Mambo by The Surfers on Tahiti (HiFi)
  10. Hula Rock by Hank Snow on Hula Rock (RCA)
  11. Let's Have A Luau by Paul Page and his Islandaires on Ports O'Call (Paradise Music Corp.)
  12. Chopsticks Mambo by Jack Constanzo on Chopsticks Mambo (GNP)
  13. Yellow Days by Damita Jo on Yellow Days (Epic)
  14. Chant of the Moon by Robert Drasnin on Voodoo (Mayfair)
  15. Ené Alantchi Alnorem by Girma Hadgu on Ethiopiques Vol. 4: Ethio Jazz & Musique Instrumentale 1969-1974 (Duda Musique)
  16. No No Boy by The Spiders on No No Boy (Philips)
  17. Bali Ha'i by Tak Shindo on Brass and Bamboo (Capitol)
  18. Lotus Land by Gene Rains on Lotus Land (Decca)
  19. Taboo Tu by The Arthur Lyman Group on Taboo Vol. 2 (HiFi)
  20. Caravan by Dick Hyman on I'll Never Be the Same (Sunset)
  21. Don't Touch Me Tomato by Josephine Baker on Calypso A La Mode (Penny)
  22. Fuji by Cal Tjader on Breeze From the East (Verve)
  23. Bamboo by The Surfmen on Exotic Island (Somerset)
  24. Kawohikukapulani by Ethel Azama on Exotic Dream (Liberty)
  25. Tabou by Rosita Barrios on Voodoo Party Vol. 2 (University of Vice)
  26. Lost Love by Chuy Reyes on Voodoo Party Vol. 2 (University of Vice)
  27. El Cumbanchero by Chiquito Orefiche on Voodoo Party Vol. 2 (University of Vice)
  28. Rippling Waters by Speedy West on Guitar Spectacular (Capitol)
  29. Allo Brigitte by Tito Benito on Poco Loco in the Coco Vol. 3 (University of Vice)
  30. Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps by Enoch Light on Provacative Percussion (Command)
  31. Alika by Webley Edwards on Hawaii Calls: Hawaii Instrumentals (Capitol)
  32. Cream Dream by Preston Love on Preston Love's Omaha Bar-B-Q (Kent)
  33. Watusi by John McFarland Sextet on Return to Paradise (Cherry Red)
  34. What's This Generation Coming To? by Robert Mitchum on Calypso A La Mode (Penny)
  35. Misirlou/Quien Sera by Nick Perito on Blazing Latin Brass (Marathon Media)
  36. Teahouse 90 by David Melanio on Poco Loco in the Coco Vol. 3 (University of Vice)
  37. I Wish They Didn't Mean Goodbye by Louis Nunley on South Sea Island Magic (Reader's Digest)