Rude Awakening 015


  1. Blank Expression by The Specials on The Specials (Chrysalis)
  2. Break
  3. Toxic Toast by The Mighty Mighty Bosstones on Question The Answers (Mercury)
  4. Wellington's Wednesdays by The Weakerthans on Fallow (Sub City)
  5. For The First Time by Westbound Train on Transitions (Hellcat Records)
  6. Twisting by They Might Be Giant on Flood (Elektra)
  7. Too Much Pressure by The Selecter on Too Much Pressure (Chrysalis)
  8. Talk Break by -
  9. Bin Waitin by The Slackers on Close My Eyes (Hellcat)
  10. Baggy Trousers by Madness on Absolutely (Sire Records)
  11. You Don't Know by Monkey on Cruel Tutelage (Asian Man Records)
  12. Overdrive by The Heat Machine on No Coast Dance Party
  13. Hi and Lo by Cherry Poppin Daddies on Skaboy JFK (Toilet Brain Music)
  14. Talk Break by -
  15. Just Objects by TV Babysitter on What Has Science Done
  16. Tiny Town by Everyone Everywhere on Everyone Everywhere (Tiny Engines)
  17. Thumb Cinema by World/Inferno Friendship Society on Addicted To Bad Ideas (Chunksaah Records)
  18. Lounger by Dogs Die In Hot Cars on Please Describe Yourself (V2 Music Ltd.)
  19. Molly - Audiotree Live Version by Ratboys on Ratboys on Audiotree Live (Audiotree Music)
  20. Talk Break by -
  21. The World You Know by NONA on Freaky If You Got This Far (6131 Records)
  22. Yes All Cops by Worriers on Imaginary Life (Don Giovanni Records)
  23. Hellz Yeah! by Paramedic on Paramedic/Spraynard Split (Square Of Opposition)
  24. Do You Guys Even Like U2? by Spraynard on Paramedic/Spraynard Split (Square Of Opposition)
  25. Dance The Night Away by Factors of Four on Factors of Frank
  26. Cool Generator by Bad Moves on Cool Generator (Don Giovanni Records)
  27. Talk Break by -
  28. Had Enough by Ghost Town Locals on Who Brought The War To The Dance Floor
  29. Popular Demand by Suburban Legends on Suburban Legends (Lobster Girl Music)
  30. Shirley by Dan P. and the Bricks on Only Words (Asian Man Records)
  31. Out All Night by The Pietasters on Wilis (Hellcat Records)
  32. He Said by The Hippos on Heads Are Gonna Roll (Interscope Records)
  33. Talk Break by -
  34. Jesse and Jo by The Barrymores on All Nighter (Bacteria Buffet Records)
  35. If You Want It by Edna's Goldfish on Before You Knew Better (Moon Ska Records)
  36. My Problem by Dancehall Crashers on The Old Record (Fat Wreck Chords)
  37. Super Positive by Mealticket on 13 Apologies (Asian Man Records)
  38. Thanks, Bastards! by Mischief Brew on Songs From Under The Sink (Fistolo Records)