Making Space Episode 25: Waterwheel


  1. Waterwheel by Yoshinori Hayashi on The Forgetting Curve EP (JINN Records)
  2. Mystique by Laura Groves on Committed Language (Deek Recordings)
  3. Second Chance by Caribou on Our Love (Merge Records)
  4. Rewind by Kelela on Hallucinogen (Warp Records)
  5. The Right One by King on We Are King (King Creative)
  6. I Am In Love by Jennifer Lara on I Am In Love (Studio One)
  7. Comfortable Gestures by Steve Beresford & Anne Marie Beretta on Dancing The Line (Nato)
  8. 18. Novembar by Propaganda on Apatija Javnosti (PGP RTB)
  9. Oto No Aru Kurashi by Masumi Hara on Yume No 4-Bai (Yupiteru Records)
  10. Such A Shame by Talk Talk on It's My Life (EMI)
  11. Fou, Jaloux by Michel Alibo on Digital Zandoli 2 (Heavenly Sweetness)
  12. It's You That's Happening (Instrumental) by Exquisite Taste on It's You That's Happening (Starlite)
  13. D'Hardest by Shadow on D'Hardest (Shadow Records)
  14. Chicago by Roy Ayers on Drive (Ichiban Records)
  15. Three Way Situation by Nadie La Fonde on Three Way Situation (Starburst Records)
  16. Bukom Mashie by Oscar Sulley & The Uhuru Dance Band on Ghana Soundz (Soundway)
  17. Carrera by Ben Penn on Spare Hobby / Carrera (Safe Trip)
  18. Chekema by Raphael-Top-Secret & Nelson Bishop on Love So High (Antinote)
  19. Let No Man Put Asunder (Ron Hardy Re-Edit) by First Choice on Ron's Edits #2 (Not On Label)
  20. Signalrød by Luca Lozano + DJ Fett Burger on Hands Of Doom 2 (Klasse Wrecks)
  21. Knowledge Body by Dawit and Dolo on Vibe 3 (Future Times)
  22. Untitled A2 by SW. on Reminder Part Three (SUED)
  23. Punk Mother Fucker by Transparent Sound on Punk Mother Fucker (Pressure Traxx)
  24. Stakan Acid by Gesloten Cirkel on Untitled (Murder Capital)
  25. Fountain Gate by Fantastic Man on Dream Machine (Love On The Rocks)