Show JAN 15 2015


  1. Plains of the Purple Buffalo (Part 2) by *shels on Plains of the Purple Buffalo (Visit
  2. Retreat! Retreat! by 65daysofstatic on The Fall of Math (unk)
  3. Into Days & Nights & Years & Months by A. Armada on Anam Cara (unk)
  4. Kith and Kin by Brontide on Artery ( Song ID: 249043267)
  5. Sycamore by Caspian on Tertia (unk)
  6. Herstory Of Glory by Do Make Say Think on You You're A History In Rust (unk)
  7. 401 Lwa by EF on Mourning Golden Morning (unk)
  8. Hvid by Fleur de lis on Hvid (unk)
  9. Blood for the King by GLACIERS on And the Sea Won the Battle (unk)
  10. Raising Your Voice... Trying to Stop an Echo by Hammock on Raising Your Voice...Trying to Stop an Echo (unk)
  11. When the Big Hand Buries the Twelve by If These Trees Could Talk on Red Forest (unk)
  12. Bond by LITE on Past, Present, Future (Keep It Together Records)
  13. Gently Turned on Your Head by The Mercury Program on A Data Learn the Language (unk)
  14. Deesh by Mogwai on Rave Tapes (unk)
  15. Weekday Escape by Moonlit Sailor on Colors In Stereo (unk)
  16. Angel Tears by Pelican on Australasia (unk)
  17. Break
  18. untitled by Sigur Ros on untitled (unk)