Episode 3: It's so nice outside!

Last week, I was sick, but I'm back! I'm still a little tired from it all, so here's a happy sunny playlist to get me (and you!) in a better mood!


  1. Space Crush by Tatsuro Yamashita on It's a Poppin' Time (RCA)
  2. ラヴ・ビート3-3-7 by ゆう子 (Yuko Asano) on ベスト・ヒット (RCA)
  3. Shiny Lady by Hiroshi Satoh on This Boy (Alfa)
  4. 僕のガールズ (My Girls) by Kunio Muramatsu on Green Water (Japan Records)
  5. 傾斜 by Miyuki Nakajima on Kansuigyo (Aard-Vark)
  6. This Is All I Have For You by Makoto Matsushita on First Light (Air Records)
  7. 悲しみのシルエット by Pink Lady on SUSPENSE (VAP)
  8. Eyes (Faster Tempo) by MIHO FUJIWARA (藤原美穂) on California Crisis (RCA)
  9. Nagisa de Dance by Takako Mamiya on Love Trip (Universal)
  10. チーター by 八神純子 Junko Yagami on COMMUNICATION (Moon Records)
  11. I'll be there by Ryuichi Sakamoto & Kazumi Watanabe on Tokyo Joe (Denon)
  12. This Could Be The Night by Tatsuro Yamashita on Go Ahead! (RCA)
  13. Bye-Bye Yuppie by SHI-SHONEN on Singing Circuit (Non-Standard)
  14. Calling USA by Tommy The Bitch on You Can Do, I Can Do (Radio City)
  15. Thinking of You by Yasuha on Golden Best (Polydor)
  16. Midnight Pretenders by 亜蘭知子 Tomoko Aran on 浮遊空間 (Warner Bros. Records ‎)
  17. 飾りじゃないのよ涙は by 井上陽水 YOSUI INOUE on 9.5カラット (For Life Records)
  18. みずいろの雨 by 八神純子 Junko Yagami on JUNKO THE BEST (Discomate)
  19. Monster Stomp by Minako Yoshida (吉田美奈子) on MONSTERS IN TOWN (GT Music)
  20. L.A.LOVER by 岡本舞子 Maiko Okamoto on FASCINATION (Victor)
  21. 恋はサーフィンに乗って by キャンディーズ Candies! on 夏が来た! (CBS/SONY)
  22. Sentimental Metallic Night by スターボー Starbow on STARBOW I (Vivid Sound Corporation)
  23. Do you remember me by 木村恵子 Keiko Kimura on STYLE (Nippon Columbia Co., Ltd)
  24. Break
  25. ストップ・ザ・カンバセーション by 浅野ゆう子 (Yuko Asano) on ベスト・ヒット (RCA)
  26. ウェルカム・バック・トゥ・マイ・ハート by 薬師丸ひろ子 on 梦十话
  27. 時刻表 by Miyuki Nakajima on Kansuigyo (Aard-Vark)
  28. 黄昏BAY CITY by 八神純子 (Junko Yagami) on FULL MOON (Discomate)