The Revolution Summer 051


  1. Please Drive Faster by Braid on Please Drive Faster (Polyvinyl)
  2. Penny Royalty by For Everest on At Home in the Body (Broken World Media)
  3. My Sweet Recovery by Her Breath on Glass on Her Breath on Glass/Khere (Ape Must Not Kill Ape)
  4. Absence Makes the Heart Go Wander by The New Trust on Dark Is The Path Which Lies Before Us. (Slowdance)
  5. Breathing's For The Birds by Poison the Well on Versions (Suburban Homes)
  6. On Sidewalks by The Appleseed Cast on The End of the Ring Wars (Deep Elm Records)
  7. Stare at the Sun by Thrice on the Artist in the Ambulance (Island/Def Jam)
  8. Favorite Things by Cayetana on Nervous Like Me (Tiny Engines)
  9. Same Grave by My Fictions on I Want Nothing (Flannel Gurl)
  10. Holiday From the Real by Jack's Mannequin on Everything in Transit (Maverick)
  11. Double Helix by Knuckle Puck on Shapeshifter (Rise Records)
  12. Dead Reckoning by Free Throw on Bear Your Mind (Triple Crown)
  13. Poise by Tancred on Out of the Garden (Polyvinyl)
  14. The Stranger by Cars Get Crushed on Blue and West (Goldenrod)
  15. Plateau Song by Colossal on Brave the Elements (Asian Man)
  16. Youth No More by Daylight on Dispirit (Six Feet under)
  17. Entzückt/entrückt by Louise Cyphre on Louise Cyphre (React with Protest)
  18. First Things First by Sense Field on To End A letter (Daymare)
  19. You Should Know by Midtown on Living Well is the Best Revenge (Drive Thru)
  20. If I Cut My Hair, Hawaii Will Sink by Chiodos on Bone Palace Ballet (Equal Vision)
  21. A Rhapsody in Blue by The Hotel Year on We Are All Alone (Self Released)
  22. Leech Mansion by Glocca Morra on The Working Bones, A Health Decline (Livid)
  23. Introducing Elizabeth by Antioch Arrow on Gems of Masochism (Amalgamted)
  24. Stormcloak by Lord Snow on Solitude (Adagio830)
  25. Blessed Not Lucky by The Evens on The Evens (Dischord)
  26. Pins and Needles by Transit on Joyride (Rise)
  27. Commodores 64 by Vermont on Calling Albany (Kindercore)
  28. get well soon by reggie & the full effect on songs not to get married to (vagrant)
  29. Can't Be Saved by Senses Fail on Still Searching (Vagrant)
  30. There, There by The Wonder Years on The Greatest Generation (Hopeless)
  31. Blossom by Cerce on Cerce/Stresscase (Mayfly)
  32. Red Letter Day by The Get Up Kids on EPs (Dog House)
  33. The Church Channel by Say Anything on In Defense of the Genre (Equal Vision)
  34. St. Louis by The Junior Varsity on Cinematography (Victory)
  35. Tiny Raindrop by Balance & Composure on The Things We Think We're Missing (No Sleep)