The Highpoint Lowlife Radio Show Episode #111

a mixture of ace used and new vinyl i picked up from a recent shopping spree at Amoeba on Haight, leaning on a '96 bass and jungle tip, plus a great selection of new extreme computer music!


  1. Snooker Authority by DJプチプチ on Misapplications (Conditional)
  2. Dish Washing by Proc Fiskal on Insula
  3. 0004AA by Bamboo on AA0004 (FLUF)
  4. W4MPW4MP by aNTOJE on TUJ TAPE (Visit
  5. - by Christoph De Babalon
  6. - by Accelera Deck on Conviction & Crack (555 Recordings)
  7. Pressure by Solo Featuring J.T. on Pressure (Mo Wax Excursions)
  8. 368ft High & Rising by Sully on Soundboy Don't Push Your Luck / 368ft High & Rising
  9. Tears Of The Righteous 2 by TNT Roots on Mighty In Battle / Tears Of The Righteous (Visit
  10. Fog by Flame 1 on Fog / Shrine
  11. Locomotive by Kronodigger on ENC032 - KRONODIGGER (Visit
  12. Gremlinz by Rezzett on Rezzett LP
  13. Arp 2600 by Chevel on Always Yours
  14. - by BCPL
  15. 00-I/0(I) by exm|mitoma on I/0 DISC (Visit
  16. Softfeel Fun by Richard on Pocket Protection (Visit
  17. Kloink Media by Qebo on Wroln 2018 (Visit
  18. Fuck You Oscar by Powell (XL Recordings)
  19. Pure Amethyst by Q'D on WO-QD01 (Wild Oats)
  20. Enjoy Your Pattern by Dan Habernam on Enjoy Your Pattern EP (Idle Hands)
  21. King L by CLYDE on My Brain & Other Animals (Visit
  22. Ceremonial Eating Dog by Equiknoxx on Colon Man (DDS)
  23. Things Won't Change by TRP on Things Won't Change (Lobster Theremin)