My Sick & Twisted Easter Special


  1. Be Careful by Cardi B on Invasion Of Privacy (Atlantic)
  2. Fitness by Lizzo on Fitness (Self-Released)
  3. Hapocalypse by Jasmine Infinit on Club Chai Vol. 1 (Self-Released)
  4. Mysteries by Furniteur on Perfect Lavender (Prince George Records)
  5. Heart 2 Tape by Silvia Kastel on Air Lows (Blackest Ever Black)
  6. Dadum by Kite Base on Miracle Waves (Self-Released)
  7. Last Night by Comet Gain on Casino Classics (X-Mas Records)
  8. Sunset On Humanity by Dear Nora on Skulls Example (Ordinal)
  9. Even Bees by Allegra Anka on Dreams We Talk About (Self-Released)
  10. Reviews by Tancred on Nightstand (Polyvinyl)
  11. Black Jean Boy by Coming Up Roses on I Said Ballroom (Utility)
  12. Young, Gifted, Black, In Leather by Special Interest on Spiraling (Raw Sugar Records)
  13. Time To Get Up by Los Microwaves on Life After Breakfast (Posh Boy Music)
  14. Break Up With Today by Dark/Light on Kill Some Time (Dirt Cult Records)
  15. Crecer by Deseos Primitivos on Live At 1234 Go! (Self-Released)
  16. The Eye by Empath on Liberating Guilt & Fear (Get Better Records)
  17. Everything About You by Field Mice on Snowball (Sarah Records)
  18. Avoidance by Ganser on Odd Talk (No Trend Records)
  19. Relic Revival by Partly Cloudy on Excess Verbiage (Forecast Records)
  20. Self Rapture by Gardener on Self Rapture (Self-Released)
  21. Misconstrued by Very Mental (Total Punk Records)
  22. Propaganda by Argument? on Argument?//Headress Split (Freaks Run Wild Records)
  23. Choke On It by No Love on Choke On It (Sorry State Records)
  25. Dis-Moi Poupée by Isabelle on Dis-Moi Poupée (Barclay)
  26. Je lis dans tes yeux by Danielle Denin on Michel (Philips)
  27. Roger Do You Love Me? by Pumpkin on Will You Love Me Forever? (Take Care Tapes)