transfiguration #47


  1. Acceptance by JQ on INVISIBLE
  2. Greeting from the Secretary General of the Un by Nasa Voyager Golden Record on The Golden Record. Greetings and Sounds of the Earth.
  3. Rumble by Harmony Korine on Trash Humpers
  4. Untitled 06 by Red Hook Grain Terminal on Inorganic
  5. Heart Sync by Mokona on Love in Restricted Areas
  6. Haiphong Boogie by Hatchback on Haiphong Boogie
  7. According To The Map by Mytron & Ofofo on Topography
  8. Mae Roe KH (Giraffi Dub - Original by DUB ADDICTION) by Giraffi Dog on L'Existence Du Rêve
  9. Less and Less by Project Pablo on There’s Always More at the Store
  10. Base by Hugo Jay on Tape Two
  11. Paix/Paix by Kaazi on Silk To Dry the Tears
  12. I Felt It Slip Away by No Moon on No Moon
  13. Loveless by Hi & Saberhägen on Light On Leaves
  14. Wet Plants (Telephones Remix) by Seb Wildblood on The One With (The Remixes)
  15. Trance (Sunrise) by Physical Therapy on Buttercup
  16. 1. Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way by Earth Trax & Newborn Jr on Maze
  17. Lifetime by Cosmic Garden on Pleasure Moment
  18. Love it TBH by Rest Corp on Infinity Scroll
  19. Second Stimulus by Toby Tobias on Second Stimulus B / W Synchro Surfer
  20. 5. Lunga Strada (The Pilotwings Bubble Zouk Remix) by Prins Thomas on Lunga Strada
  21. Bird Song by Bufi on Bird Song
  22. Histoires Vraies by Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts on Shouts, Moans and Significance
  23. Get It by Dj Kush Boogie on Chardonnay
  24. Tanz by Tom VR on Films
  25. Freda’s Jam by James i.V on First Light, Vol. 1