World of Echo Episode 9


  1. Answers Me by Arthur Russell on World of Echo (Upside Records)
  2. Bird Flew By by Scott Appel on Nine of Swords (Kicking Mule)
  3. The Kiss by Judee Sill on Heart Food (Elektra)
  4. Lady Nothing by Bert Jansch on L.A. Turnaround (Charisma)
  5. I'll Get By by Crazy Horse on Crazy Horse (Reprise)
  6. Rusty Door by Daddy Longlegs on Oakdown Farm (Vertigo)
  7. Strange Insistence by Gun Outfit on Out of Range (Paradise of Bachelors)
  8. Little Red Rider by Michael Nesmith on Magnetic South (RCA)
  9. For Shame of Doing Wrong by Richard and Linda Thompson on Pour Down Like Silver (Carthage)
  10. Cemalim by Erkin Koray on Electronik Turkuler (World Psychedelia Ltd)
  11. Amigo by Lula Cortes and Lailson on Satwa (Mr. Bongo)
  12. Pemmican (Live 1981) by Cecil Taylor on Garden (Hat Hut)
  13. Tales (8 Whisps) by Cecil Taylor on Unit Structures (Blue Note)