The Highpoint Lowlife Radio Show Episode #114

music for sitting in the park.

this week's show on a spaced out house and dub flex. ..


  1. Press On (Ruff Rub) (Ruff Rub) by HUERCO S. on Untitled
  2. Designer Life by J. Albert on Envy Turned Curiosity EP
  3. Platintundra by Burnt Friedman on Isomorphic
  4. Hot Bloc by Lil Jabba on MiZO
  5. untitled by BCPL on untitled (California Recording Company)
  6. Data Hustler by Paco Sala on It's Been A Long Time Since I Cared & It Feels Good (Visit
  7. Light On by ±vMcÇ, ft Joanna Newsom (Visit
  8. Luna by doon kanda on doon kanda, Luna (HDB116D) (Hyperdub)
  9. Ghosts Come Clean by ACCELERA DECK on Digital Headrest
  10. ring the alarm by 700 Bliss on Spa 700 (Visit
  11. Instant I by Second Woman on Instant / Apart (Tresor)
  12. Escape Goat Dub by Garland Jeffreys & Dennis Bovell on Heaven (Optimo)
  13. Instigator (Dub) by Golden Teacher on Golden Teacher Meets Dennis Bovell At The Green Door (Optimo)
  14. untitled by BCPL on untitled
  15. Flashback Of Time by RDMA on The World Needs Changing (Visit
  16. XI01 X by Extinction Imminent on Extinction Imminent (Visit
  17. Gonna Fucking Do It by Complete Walkthru on Social Security (Visit
  18. Mass Media by Gerry Read on Mass Media EP
  19. Vatied City by Quirke on Whities 015 (Whities)
  20. Conscientious by TRP on Things Won't Change (Lobster Theremin)
  21. Sexzzy Creep by Rezzett on Rezzett LP (The Trilogy Tapes)
  22. H_R by solotape on LI$012 (Visit
  23. Dreams Of U by Haider on Do What You Love... (Visit
  24. Lighter Than Aluminium by Félicia Atkinson on Coyotes (Visit