Episode 6: 70's

From pop to folk to psychedelic jams!


  1. Space Crush by Tatsuro Yamashita on It's a Poppin' Time (RCA)
  2. Adam and Eve by Carmen Maki on Adam and Eve (CBS/Sony)
  3. Youth Ends Today by Saori Minami on The City of Night Fog (CBS/Sony)
  4. Night of the seminal by Yoshiko Sai on Reading Glasses (black)
  5. 長崎は今日も雨だった by Mie Nakao on さすらい演歌 (Victor)
  6. When I walk the streets by Kiyoko Itoh on Woman at 23 o'clock (CBS/Sony)
  7. Happiness by Shigeo Sekito on Special Sound Servies Vol. 2 (Columbia)
  8. This morning twenty years old by Yonin Bayashi on 二十歳の原点 (Hagakure Records)
  9. Meguri aete by Candies! on Summer came ! (CBS/Sony)
  10. City by Taeko Onuki on Sunshower (Panam)
  11. Wasan by J.A. Seazer on Frontier Tour (Victor)
  12. Shiroi machi sappo by Ann Lewis on Shiroi shūmatsu (Victor)
  13. The Murder In The Midnight by Hiro Yanagida on Hiro Yanagida (Atlantic)
  14. Sasayaki by Goro, Ooyuki Daikou & Others on Forest In The City
  15. 淋しそうな若者たち by Ken Narita on 汚れた街にいても
  16. Poppy Flower by Agnes Cham on Poppy Flower (Warner Bros. Records)
  17. 꽃반지 끼고(오솔길) by Eun Hee on 전속기념 제1집
  18. Man of heart by Saori Yuki on 男のこころ ~ 由紀さおり フランシス・レイを歌う (Express)
  19. Mavrick by Hyodo Miki on One paradise -Miki First (Polydor)
  20. Hitomi no naka kara by Yukari Ito on Yukari no atarashī sekai (KING)
  21. The Nutcracker by Hitomi Ishikawa on The Nutcracker (Nav Records)
  22. Sukoshidake kataomoi by Yumi Matsutoya on Cobalt Hour (Express)
  23. In the season by Chiharu Matsuyama on In the season (News Records)
  24. 春よ by Lily on タエコ
  25. Horseman by Cherish on II album (JVC Kenwood Victor Entertainment)
  26. The end of the summer by Carol on 20 Golden Hits
  27. Bara ruri gakuen by Morio Agata on 乙女の儚夢 (Bellwood Records)
  28. A long time ago by BREAD & BUTTER on IMAGES (blow up)
  29. Booming Cracker by Amii Ozaki on Mind Drops
  30. どうにも とまらない by Linda Yamamoto on どうにも とまらない