Fizzin' Too Hard

Here's the link to my fundraiser for AIDS Life Cycle.


  1. Pushin' Too Hard by The Seeds
  2. Sugar Town by Nancy Sinatra on Sugar (Reprise)
  3. Is America Dead? by Kim Fowley
  4. Love Is All Around by The Troggs
  5. Cinderella by The Sonics
  6. It's All Over Now, Baby Blue by Them
  7. Summertime Blues by Blue Cheer
  8. The Way I feel Inside by The Zombies
  9. The American Ruse by MC5
  10. Blueberry Blue by The Lemon Pipers
  11. Total Destruction To Your Mind Once Again by Swamp Dogg
  12. Lay Lady Lay by Bob Dylan
  13. 1969 by The Stooges
  14. Coconut by Harry Nilson
  15. Lord of This World by Black Sabath
  16. Ride A White Swan by T. Rex
  17. Don't Burn the Fires by Dead Moon
  18. Waddlin Around by King Kahn & The BBQ Show
  19. Orbital by Distractor
  20. Neurotic Gold by Mind Spiders
  21. All I Want by The Spits
  22. Sea of Hate by Digital Leather
  23. Steve Don't Party No More by Mean Jeans
  24. Gut Feeling/Slap Your Mammy by Devo
  25. Private Idaho by The B-52's on Wild planet (Island records)
  26. The Brain That Wouldn't Die by Tall Dwarfs
  27. We Are the Rats by M.O.T.O. on Kill M.O.T.O.
  28. Plastic Man by Teengenerate
  29. Chuck Berry Holiday by Nobunny on Love Visions
  30. I Ain't Wrong by Cum Stain
  31. Flow by The Barbaras
  32. People Talk by Cheap Time
  33. Experimental Music by Chain & the Gang