Episode 8 "Magic Carpet Ride"


  1. Caravan by Martin Denny on Exotica Vol. III (Liberty)
  2. Pop Corn by Omar Khorshid on Belly Dance with Omar Khorshid & His Magic Guitar Volume 3 (Voix De L'Orient)
  3. Bend It by Barbara Eden on I Wouldn't Be A Fool b/w Bend It (Dot Records)
  4. Habibi Twist by The Latins on Habibi Twist (RCA Victor)
  5. Ali Baba by Los Boppers on Ali Baba / Fever (Peerless)
  6. Egyptian Fantasy by Sidney Bechet & his New Orleans Feetwarmers on Sleepy Time Down South (1932-1941) Volume 1 (RCA Victor)
  7. Salome's Veil by Sonny Lester & his Orchestra on How To Belly-Dance For Your Husband (Emus)
  8. Black Night by Cheryle Thompson on Black Night (Deville)
  9. Abada-Abadu by Doris Drew on Abada-Abadu (Kāhill)
  10. The Angry Desert by The Sound Offs on The Angry Desert (ERA)
  11. Harem Bells by Jim Head & His Del Rays on Hayden Proffit Presents Jim Head & His Del Rays (HP)
  12. Shish-Kebab by Ralph Marterie on Tequila (Tequila)
  13. Daddy Lolo by Ganim's Asia Minors on Daddy Lolo (East West)
  14. Karkadon by The Devil's Anvil on Hard Rock from the Middle East (Columbia)
  15. Hal Hal by Barış Manço on Sakla Samanı Gelir Zamanı (Guerssen)
  16. Rockin' in Bagdad by Jerry Reed on Rockin' in Bagdad (Capitol)
  17. Egyptian Shumba by Tammys on Egyptian Shumba (United Artists)
  18. Ikimiz Bir Fidaniz by Kamuran Akkor on Ikimiz Bir Fidaniz (İstanbul Plak)
  19. Egyptian Surf by Temptations on Egyptian Surf (P & L Records)
  20. Persians Twist by Herb Zane on The Persians Twist / Twistin' At The Pit (Music Maestros)
  21. Sheik of Morocco by Kenny Day on Brixotica Goes East (Trunk)
  22. Ali Baba Twist by Bob Azzam on Ali Baba Twist/Laissez-Nous Twister (Barclay)
  23. Estambul by Al Caiola y Su Orquesta on Medianoche en Moscu (United Artists)
  24. Ya-Habibi by The Sheiks on Ya-Habibi (Sultan Records)
  25. The Cleopatra Kick by Jack La Forge on The Cleopatra Kick (Regina)
  26. Arabian Jerk by The Merits on Arabian Jerk (Banstand USA)
  27. Banstand USA by Laguestra & His Orchestra on The Flying Carpet b/w Turkish Coffee (CBS)
  28. Casbah by Sandy Nelson on Drums A Go-Go b/w Casbah (Imperial)
  29. Harem Twist by Hrach Yacoubian on Harem Twist (ERA)
  30. Ali Ben Ghazi by Jack Hammer on Espana Te Quiero / Ali Ben Ghazi (Karim)
  31. Sahara by Pepper-Pots on Sahara (Personality Records)
  32. Main Theme of Exodus by Bat'ya on Main Theme of Exodus (Chelan Record Co.)
  33. Call of the Casbah by Lauria Johnson on Brixotica Goes East (Trunk)
  34. Arab Dance by Irv Cottler on Around The World In Percussion (Somerset)
  35. Turkish Dance by Korla Pandit on Turkish Dance (Fantasy)
  36. Jazz in Port Said (Bossa Nova Araby) by Eddie Kochak & Hakki Obadia on Jazz in Port Said (Georgette)
  37. Harem Dance by Roger King Mozian on Harem Dance (Decca)
  38. Al Beeba by Mohammed El-Bakkar on Music of the African Arab (Audio Fidelity)
  39. Sexy Style (Sexy Ain't It?) by Egyptian Lover on The Alezby Inn (Egyptian Empire Records)