Sub Pop


  1. I'm Enough (I Want More) by Downtown Boys on Cost of Living (Sub Pop)
  2. Jinx by Tad on 8 Way Santa (Sub Pop)
  3. Experiment by A Frames on Black Forest (Sub Pop)
  4. Chain Chain Chain by Red Red Meat on Bunny Gets Paid (Sub Pop)
  5. My Letters by Fastbacks on The Question is No (Sub Pop)
  6. Follow by Eric's Trip on Love Tara (Sub Pop)
  7. Sorry Again by Velocity Girl on Simpatico (Sub Pop)
  8. All Ready by Jale on So Wound (Sub Pop)
  9. Lines and Lines by Spinanes on Strand (Sub Pop)
  10. Magnet's Coil by Sebadoh on Bakesale (Sub Pop)
  11. No No Man (Part 1) by Steven Jesse Bernstein on Prison (Sub Pop)
  12. Turn on the Water by Afghan Whigs on Congegration (Sub Pop)
  13. Laughing Larry by Six Finger Satellite on The Pigeon is the Most Popular Bird (Sub Pop)
  14. Second Chance by Codeine on Frigid Stars (Sub Pop)
  15. Wop-A-Din-Din by Red House Painters on Old Ramon (Sub Pop)