1. Love Song by The Damned on Machine Gun Etiquette (Ace Records)
  2. Cut Off by Heavenly on Operation Heavenly (K Records)
  3. Ar Detta Frihet by Totalitar on Wallbreaker 1986-1989 (Armageddon)
  4. The Infiltraitor by Bastard Noise on Ancient And Unknown Brutality (Triage Industries)
  5. Heart, Liver & Lungs by The Shadow Ring on Put The Music In It's Coffin (Siltbreeze)
  6. Death Machine by Bruce Haack on Haackula (Telephone Explosion)
  7. I Slept In An Arcade by Black Randy & The Metrosquad on Pass The Dust, I Think I'm Bowie (Dangerhouse)
  8. Every Day We Grow by The Cowboy on The Cowboy Album (Fashionable Idiots)
  9. Structure by Glenn Branca on The Ascencion (99 Records)
  10. Tag Fur Tag by Xmal Deutschland on Tocsin (4AD)
  11. Back Of My Hand by The Jags on Evening Standards (Island Records)
  12. Missing In Action by The Comsat Angels on Waiting For A Miracle (Polydor Records)
  13. Myrrh by The Church on Heyday (Parlophone)
  14. Ask The Angels by Patti Smith on Radio Ethiopa (Arista)
  15. Road Crash by Nick Tockzek on Intoczekated (Bluurg Records)
  16. Skill by Desperate Bicycles on Singles (Nonprofit)
  17. Glimmer by Loveliescrushing on Bloweyelashwish (Projekt)
  18. Sign Spinners by Natural Information Society & Bitchin Bajas on Autoimaginary (Drag City)
  19. Unchanging Window/Chord Simple by Broadcast on Extended Play Two (Warp Rexcords)
  20. No One Is There by Nico on The Marble Index (Elektra)
  21. Moetnas Frond by John Cage on Thirteen Harmonies (Edition Michael Frauenlob Bauer)
  22. Rats Don't Eat Synthesizers by Dwarfs Of East Agouza on Rats Don't Eat Synthesizers (Annihaya Records)
  23. Stormy by Kathy Heiderman on Move With Love (Numero)
  24. Goodbye by Simon Jones on Melanie And Me (Optical Sound Productions)
  25. She Came And She Touched Me by Townes Van Zandt on Our Mother The Mountain (Fat Possum Records)
  26. You're Still On My Mind by The Byrds on Sweetheart Of Rodeo (Columbia)
  27. Journey To The Center Of The Mind by The Amboy Dukes on Journey To The Center Of The Mind (Mainstream)