Ep.15 06.17.18 (Dubstep)


  1. Midnight Request Line by Skream on Skream! (Ammunition)
  2. Qawwali by Pinch on Qawwali (Planet Mu Records)
  3. Vansan by Appleblim on Soundboy's Ashes Get Chopped Out and Snorted (Skull Disco)
  4. Changes by Mala on Forgive/Changes (Deep Medi Musik)
  5. Circling by Appleblim & Peverelist on Soundboy's Ashes Get Hacked Up and Spat Out In Disgust (Skull Disco)
  6. Nomad by Distance on Nomad (Hot Flush Records)
  7. Kalawanji (feat. Cessman) by Kromestar on Kalawanji (Deep Medi Musik)
  8. 3rd Choice by Vex'd on 3rd Choice (Planet Mu Records)
  9. Fallen by Distance (Boka Records)
  10. All of a Sudden by Coki on Disco Rekah (Deep Medi Musik)
  11. Crunked Up by Benga on Diary of an Afro Warrior (Ammunition Promotions Ltd.)
  12. War Dub by DJ Pinch, P Dutty on Alien Tongue/War Dub (Tectonic)
  13. Rustie RMX by Zomby on Mush/Spliff (Rustie Remix) (Hyperdub)
  14. Poison Dart feat. Warrior Queen by The Bug on London Zoo (Ninja Tune)
  15. Channel Two by 2562 on Channel Two/Circulate (Tectonic)
  16. Rebellion by Omen on Rebellion/Frontline/Aphrodite (Tectonic)
  17. Roll with the Punches by Peverelist on Roll with the Punches/Die Brucke (Punch Drunk Records)
  18. Missin' by D1 on Missin'/Cocaine/Firin' Blanks (Ammunition)
  19. Broken Heart by TRG on Put You Down (Hessle Audio)